Quiche Lorraine

Recipe six:

Quiche Lorraine - Savory Quiche 

We have been experimenting with vegan egg based recipes and have finally created a successful concoction. This one is perfect for a sunday brunch (dont forget the mimosas) or as a tasty addition to New Years Day lunch.

So delicious, it would be difficult to tell the difference between this and the original version, but we can guarantee it is much lower in fat, calories and cholesterol. With the incredible flavor, this is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.
From top left to right: Vegan pie crust, silken tofu, vegan bacon, vegan cheese, egg substitute , tapioca flour, freshly grated nutmeg.

 Recipe  and Ingredients:

1 partially cooked pastry shell (see recipe here)
3 tbsp tapioca flour
1 1/2 tsp Vegg mixed with 6 tbsp water
1 package silken tofu
1 package of vegan bacon
2 tbsp vegan butter cut into small pieces
salt and pepper to taste

Our steps:

1)   Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

2)   Mix and roll out dough, put into tart or pie pan and fill with dry beans so that the crust maintains its shape while baking. (Again, vegan pastry dough recipe is available here)

Curl dough around the rolling pin so it is easier to pick up

Crust is not baked all of the way, so dont expect it have changed color just yet (the beans will leave small imprints)
3) Fill the cooled pie crust with vegan bacon of your choice (fried crispy ahead of time without oil – just slice and put into pan). We are in the process of creating our own vegan bacon but have not yet mastered the recipe. Something to look forward to in the future...

4)  Now its time to make the filling. To make it very light and fluffy, get as much air into the silken tofu as possible. Set your mixer to medium (6 on Kitchenaide version) and blend to get in air.

Whip silken tofu so it becomes light and fluffy

One thing I learned about French Quiche is that its really not about the eggs so much as about the cream! To make a thick, vegan cream that mimics the french version - whip up silken tofu into an airy, fluffy mess.

5) As you mix the silken tofu, begin to incorporate the tapioca powder (this will help mixture rise) and a little salt and pepper for a savory taste

6) Fold in a cup and a half of cheese (we used soy cheese blend from Trader Joes- its fun experimenting with different vegan cheese brands) into the whipped soy cream, then pour the mixture over the bacon.

     7) Spread the mixture around until even in the crust. Top with a little more cheese before baking - this will give it a nice finish. Finally, put into oven for 30-40 mins. Half way through the cooking process take the butter pieces and distribute them evenly on top of the quiche. You will know it is finished when the crust is golden brown and the cheese has turned gold and crusty.

After it cools a bit, eat immediately. We were shocked at how delicious this recipe turned out. The flavors is light and savory with crispy meaty bacon on bottom and an airy, cheesy texture on top. The crust is flakey and  everything is just mouth watering - you must try it for yourself!

Happy New Year Everyone!