Last minute (Gluten-Free) French Bread

Julia Child's recipe (which is already vegan) with a Gluten Free twist:

Classic, homey flavor and soft rich texture

½ Tsp xanthum gum
2 cups Gluten Free all purpose flour (+ a combination of other flours, we are still in process of experimenting with which work best for the oven we're using)
½ tsp salt
25 oz yheast (gluten free is best)
*Note: a kitchen scale is really helpful for these types of measurements. 

1) Mix dry ingredients together

2) Put into a mixer with a dough hook. Slowly incorporate 2/3 cup warm water with the mixer on low.

3) With a wooden spoon, scrape down sides of the bowl to incorporate the rest of the flour.

4) Lightly dust a surface with (what kind?) starch and knead for about 5 minutes. This is really fun! It was reminiscent of working with playdough as a kid.

5) After kneading the dough into a stretchy firm ball, grease the bowl with olive oil and set the ball gently in.

6) Cover the ball with a towel and let rise for 2 hours or over night ( this feels like torture to wait after all the hard work but it will pay off)

7) After dough rises, curl your hand into a fist and punch it down! This actually doubles as a stress reliever ...

8) Bake the bread for aprx 40mins 

9) Serve warm - smeared with homemade vegan butter or drizzled with honey

Fantastic tasting, but a little doughy because the temperature in the room was very cold. We are going to revisit this recipe again.