Broiled Tomatoes (Sub Recipe)

Julia recommends this as a side dish for some of the more savory dishes. It is fantastic and very healthy!

1. Start by slicing small tomatoes in half, we went with organic sugar plums and sunburst tomatoes to add a touch of color.

2. Take your sliced tomatoes and put them in a bowl, sprinkle them with salt and pepper then gently toss so the seasonings completely cover the tomatoes. 

3. place the seasoned tomatoes onto an aluminum lined cookie sheet and place in the broiler.

5. Broil the tomatoes until they are slightly browned on top and soft to the touch.

You can use this recipe in any number of ways, as a side dish or to even compliment a recipe that is lacking that special something, the flavor is delicate and will not take over the flavor of the main dish.