Vegan Egg Noodles (Sub Recipe)

The origianl reason we wanted to post this recipe was to accompany the Beef Bourguignonne, but of couse you can use this for any of the recipes that require egg noodles.


2 cups pastry flour
1 tsp Vegg powder
1/4 cup coconut milk
1 tbsp olive oil 

1. In a food processor combine the vegg powder and the coconut milk and process until well blended without lumps, scrape the sides of the processor half way through the blending process. 

2. Combine the Vegg mixture with the rest of the ingredients in a mixing bowl. 

3. Mix all of the ingredients until they come together and start to form a ball, we used the flat beater attachemnt. 

4. Once a ball has started to form stop the mixing process and flour your work surfac or whichever surface you plan on using to knead the dough.

5. Knead the dough for a good 8 to 10 minutes until it forms a nice almost smooth ball. 

6. Using a rolling pin roll dough out into a long almost rectangular shape, make sure you constantly flour all of your surfaces including the rolling pin so the dough does not stick. 

7. Once the dough is rolled out you are ready to start using your pasta machine. Remember not to jump right to the level of thinness you want the pasta to be, work you way down to it, for example start at number 8 and then move to number 6 and then to number 4 and so on. Remember to flour your dough on both sides every couple of passes through the pasta machine to avoid sticking. 

First, thin out the dough:

8. Getting to thinness level you want will of course start to stretch out your dough, half way through the process it is probably a good idea to cut the dough into two pieces so it is  easier to handle.

9. Once your dough is rolled out you are ready to shape it. We wanted to use linguini noodles and luckily had a linguini attachment to do this. You can also cut the noodles by hand, but this can be time consuming and frustrating, not to mention getting your noodle widths the same size will be next to impossible, so be patient and good luck. Again always remember to flour your dough.

10. Once you dough is shaped sprinkle generous amounts of flour onto it and gently start to separate the now cut dough into noodles. 

11. Now that you now have noodles sprinkle another generous amount of flour onto your noodles so they do not stick together. At his point you can either hang them out to dry on a pasta drying rack, refrigerate them, or cook them immediately. We wanted to use them later that day so we made pasta nests. 

12. To make pasta nests find the center of your noodles and pick them up folding them in half, holding the center of the noodles lower them on to your work surface in a circular motion until the form little nests. 

To be honest we weren't sure what to expect when it came to the tase of the noodles but boy what a surprise, the texture and taste turned out far better that we could have anticipated. They look, taste and behave like egg noodles. I know we talked constantly about flouring your dough,  but we cannot stress the importance of flouring your dough as often as possible.  Enjoy!