French Onion Soup

Recipe three:

(This is just a test) - French Onion

I attempted to cook this soup alone without any help from the chef since he was out of town. It started out well, then ended in a sort of salty, stewy disaster. Enjoy the pictures and the story and we will try this one again in the future. 

Love all the healthy, whole ingredients. If possible, use organic!
The ingredients on the left (carrots, celery, garlic pepper, bay leaf) are for the veggie stock, and the thick onion base comes from the fresh onions, veggie butter, olive oil, flour and wine. Add a little sugar and salt to taste.

100% Vegan French Onion. Eat while very hot and serve with "cheesy" croutons. Can't wait to perfect this one..
1) When you make the vegetable stock, add lots of garlic - this will help the flavor of the soup in the end

2) Cooking the onions down with the healthy fats creates an amazing flavor. You cook them down for a long time (almost 45 minutes) until they turn deep golden brown. The darker the brown the better.

3) This is where I ran into trouble. After the onions cook down you should incorporate the flour then the vegetable stock. The mistake I made was that when I added the stock that delicious flavor that was in the onion base became too diluted and I panicked! I hurried to add more salt, then the soup became too salty. Much, much too salty. Sometimes, when you add too much salt to something you can soak up the salt with raw potato. I put in a few potatoes, but what I didn't understand at the time was that starch becomes a thickening agent. The french soup turned into a thick stew and then I tried to water down again with more stock... so again, looking forward to some professional chef supervision next time. Dont underestimate how difficult cooking can really be!

4) The croutons are what turned out to be the best part. Using day old french bread and some vegan cheese, I broiled the bread in the oven for about 7 minutes and they tasted fantastic. Cheesy and crunchy.

Its fun to use different chucks/shapes of the bread. Just rip it up
Final 'test' soup - stay tuned for official recipe after we redo it.