Cream of Mushroom Soup

Recipe two:


*Quick note: Just in case you are laughing at the veggie soup recipes we are starting with, we are just warming up with some fairly basic recipes here, more complex ones will follow in the upcoming weeks!

We are also trying to move with the order of the book- a few recipes from each section at a time. Our goal is to have a minimum of 2 recipes done every week. So enjoy the soups and please look forward to the vegan meat  and desert dishes to come- so here is our version of a delicious french mushroom soup:

Ingredients (lots of delicious fungi)

Final is creamy bliss with chunks of thick meaty mushrooms, hearty and filling

The vegan twist on the Recepie and Ingredients:

1/4 quarter cup minced onions
5 tbsp Soy butter
3 Tbsp Gluten Free Flour
6 Cups Vegetable Stock
1 Bay Leaf
1/2 Tsp of fresh Thyme
1/2 Tsp Sea Salt
Juice from half a lemon
1/2 Cup homemade soy cream 
12 Oz of Organic White Mushrooms
1 Oz Dried Shitake Mushrooms 
1 cup of water 
1 Tbsp of Corn Starch
2 Tbsp of Soy Milk (or other vegan milk)

To make this super healthy and tasty soup:

1) After washing the mushrooms separate the stems form the caps and set them aside, slice the caps thinly and also place them in a separate bowl for later use. Place the dried shitake mushrooms in the 1 cup of water to reconstitute, once reconstituted slice them thinly and set the water used to reconstitute the mushrooms aside.

2) In a separate pot bring the 6 cups of vegetable stock and the water from the reconstituted shitake mushrooms to a boil, once it reaches a boil reduce it to a simmer.

Ensure onions are finely chopped
3) Cook the minced onions in 3 tbsp of the soy butter in the 3 quart sauce pan or pot until they are tender and clear but not browned.

4) Add the 3 tbsp of Flower and cook for around three minutes

5) Remove the onion flour mixture form heat and slowly pour the simmering stock mixing thoroughly, add the mushroom stems, bay leaf and the 1/2 Tsp of fresh thyme and simmer for 20 minutes. Strain the  stock and place the cooked mushroom stems aside for later use. Return the stock to the pot keeping it at a simmer.

6) In a separate sauce pan melt the remaining 2 Tbsp of butter, once melted place the sliced mushroom caps in the pan with the salt and the juice from 1/2 of a lemon and cook the mushrooms until tender, around 5 to 10 minutes. 

7) Once the mushrooms are are tender pour them in to the the simmering stock and simmer for 15 minutes. This should be long enough for the stock to absorb the flavor of the mushrooms. 

8) Again strain the mushrooms from the stock and place them in a separate bowl. Take 1/4 of the separated mushrooms and put them with the mushrooms stems you set aside earlier, return the remaining mushrooms to the stock and put the stock on low heat. 

9) Take all the mushrooms that you set aside and put them in a blender, fill the blender with enough stock to just cover the mushrooms and blend until completely smooth. Add more stock if necessary to keep the mixture lubricated. Return the blended mixture the the stock pot and bring to a simmer. 

10) In a small bowl take the 2 Tbsp of Soy milk and the 1 Tbsp of cornstarch and mix together to create a slurry. Pour the slurry in the stock and mix well.

11) Pour the soy cream into the soup and cook for around 10 minutes to let the soup thicken.

12) Serve and Enjoy! We garnished with parsley like shown:

While this was cooking, we whipped up a batch of fresh French Bread which is great for dipping or sopping up soup.